First Bits Arrive at the Velvet Mill

DeVore Fidelity O/96, accompanied by Luna Red speaker cable, have landed.
Shindo Laboratory Cortese F2A is in the house. Its partner, the Monbrison, arrived after this photo was taken. Perhaps I should bring a rack over. 😁
Chord Electronics’ DAVE beamed over, along with AcousticPlan’s DigiMaster CD transport, Innuos Zen MkIII server and a LOT of Luna Cables.

There’s also a chair, so listening is now possible. Today I’ll get the first concrete idea of how this space sounds. An area rug, couch and wall unit will improve things, but at least I’ll have a base line established.

Soo much more to come, and just me and my CRV to get ‘er done. Fortunately AND unfortunately, there’s no rush.


Jadis Orchestra Black

Last October, Old Forge Audio added Jadis to its Electronics roster, starting with the Orchestra Black, a variant on the Orchestra Reference specifically fine-tuned for North America. The $3,995, 40w/ch, 6CA7 integrated amp did not disappoint, and Art Dudley’s review in Stereophile’s April issue confirms it.

“The Jadis acquitted itself with poise and control but also with color, texture, and extraordinary levels of involvement. The Jadis didn’t just reproduce this number – it played it. Very strongly recommended.”

Art Dudley, Stereophile Class B Recommended Product, April 2020

Which Way Did He Go, George?

The end of my Mystic lease, the growth of Old Forge Marketing and a rethink of my approach to audio retail have combined to prompt a move to smaller quarters, starting April 1st, in the Velvet Mill in Stonington. The new address is 22 Bayview Ave, #4D, Stonington, CT 06???

There will be one listening area, (15’ x 18’ x ‘really tall!’), where many (but not all) old favorites and a couple new brands may be auditioned and purchased. The new retail emphasis will be on fairly simple systems and smaller loudspeakers. More details and pictures will follow once I’ve moved in.

One system and a number of the larger speakers will remain in Mystic as the leases overlap. Some splendid demo items will be available at significant savings. Stay tuned for details!

Ultimate CD Replay

If you want to hear your CDs at their very best, schedule a listening session with this front end:

– Acoustic Plan DigiMaster transport

– Chord Electronics’ Hugo M-Scaler

– Chord Electronics’ DAVE DAC

– Luna Cables’ BNC-terminated RED digital cables: one from DigiMaster to M-Scaler, 2 from M-Scaler to DAVE (dual data feed), RED analog IC from DAVE to amplification.

Luna digital cables in Gray, Orange and Blue @ 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.5m with RCA, BNC or XLR are in stock.

Social Distancing for Fun!

Wouldn’t social distancing and self-isolation be more pleasant with better-sounding hi-fi?

The days would just fly by with a pair of DeVore Fidelity speakers in your system. Orangutan 93 and 96, Gibbon Super 9 await your ears.

Perhaps a Chord Electronics Qutest, Hugo TT2, DAVE OR M-Scaler. Have you seen John Atkinson’s review of the M-Scaler? Hear it for your self!

Is your amplifier holding you back? Vinnie Rossi, Pure Audio, Jadis, Leben, Qualiton, Sugden or Shindo can surely lift your system and your spirits! Have you read Art Dudley’s review of Jadis’ Orchestra Black? I’m happy to say Old Forge was the first on the Eastern seaboard to have it on demo last October!

Components all good? What about cables? An IC, AC, USB, Ethernet, speaker cable or phono cable from Luna Cables will take you higher! We have Gray, Orange, Blue and Red on demo.

Listening sessions are one on one by appointment, door handles sanitized between visitors. For the very cautious, phone consultation and ordering is welcome, (subject to location/brand limitations.)

Cheer up, this is an excuse to have some fun!

The SoundKaos Vox 3f (cherry) speakers are now set up in my customer’s listening room. The Vox and Pass Labs Electronics get along very well indeed.

Minimalist Magic

Yesterday I quickly cobbled together a system in the back listening room to provide background music while I rearranged the system in the front room.

The system bridled at the notion of ‘background music’, however, and drew me to the leather club chair in the sweet spot where it held me prisoner for several hours.

What sorcery is this? Only the best, most synergistic sort:

  • Acoustic Plan DigiMaster CD transport
  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT2
  • Jadis Orchestra Black integrated amp
  • DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 96
  • Luna Cables Blue and Orange AC cords, Red BNC’d SPDIF, interconnects and Blue speaker cables
  • Musical co-conspirators:
    • Tony Bennett and k.d. Lang – ‘A Wonderful World’
      Dongfeng Liu – ‘China Caribe’
      Susheela Raman – ‘Ghost Gamelan’
      Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet – ‘Ladilikan’
      Yo Yo Ma – ‘Obrigado Brazil Live in Concert’

    You are welcome to come experience this or any number of other combinations of captivating components at Old Forge Audio. Just jump to the Contact page and drop me a line.