In the beginning, there was Old Forge Studio – a small, old school recording studio using ribbon mics, tube mic preamps and tape to make minimalist, near-live recordings of small, acoustic ensembles. (Its original location was, in fact, the forge building at The Velvet Mill in Stonington.

Then Old Forge Studio added two channel audio to the mix and relocated to larger digs and all was well. Since then it has become clear that people expect to see Audio, Hi-Fi or Sound in an audio store’s name, and without it they become confused or fail to recognize it as such in the first place . . .

Which brings us here: A third web site called Old Forge Audio to cover the doings at the retail shop. The Old Forge Studio site will remain, but shift its focus to reflect what’s happening in the recording studio, where it all started.

Hopefully this will all be clear and understandable. We’ll see!

Which One is Which?

To reach any of the above by phone,
please call (860) 336-1723.

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