Demo/Used Gear

JC Verdier La Platine turntable – This magnificent beast, along with a couple of wonderful tone arms, has just been traded in toward an SME Model 30/2A. I will be offering it with a choice of tonearms, (or on its own), shortly. Prices: New – $13,995. Used: Varied, depending on what tone arm is included. Please inquire.

Vinnie Rossi – My demo pieces are now available for purchase.
L2 SE preamp – The first thing you’ll notice, besides the sleek industrial design, is that there are two wire mesh chimneys protruding from the top. They protect the pair of 300Bs, (or other DHT – directly heated triodes.) Our demo model is complete with optional phono (3 inputs!!) and DAC modules installed. It provides remote control of input selection, volume, balance, mc cartridge load (x2, separately stored), phase and display.
L2i SE – The most stunning integrated amplifier I’ve ever experienced, combining the features of the L2 SE preamp above and a 100 w/ch MOSFET amplifier into essentially the same footprint with fantastic results.

Because of the modular nature of the phono and DAC modules, (of which I have one each), I can sell either demo with one, both, or neither modules, subject to previous sale, of course. Prices: If you are seriously interested, please get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Auditorium 23Hommage a Ken – This gorgeous speaker, which combines the Line Magnetic replica WE755a with a complex cabinet designed by Ken Shindo, (and used by A23 with permission), produces a spectacularly natural, seamless sound. I’m sad to say that the time has come to part with my demo pair. Since they were hand-delivered to me without any packaging when new, these will have to be picked up here. Price: Contact me if seriously interested.

My demo Aqua DACs are now on SALE. All are in excellent condition. Photos available on request. They include:
La Voce S2 – Silver faceplate – Originally: $2,995. Demo: $1,797
Formula xHD Optologic – Black faceplate – New: $17,000. Demo – $9,500.

RETHM MAARGA (2nd generation) – Rethm has just updated the Maarga model, so my demo pair have got to go. They come with original packaging and are generally in excellent condition. One foot has come loose due to being shipped with it mounted. I’ve re-mounted it with double-sided tape, per Rethm’s advice. Originally $10,750. Demo: $6,000. Due to a recent housecleaning snafu at the shop, no packaging is available. They must be picked up.

RETHM BHAAVA – One demo pair of the entry level Rethm, full range + powered subwoofer speaker, already a bargain new, is now available. Originally $4,750. Demo: $2,500. Due to a recent housecleaning snafu at the shop, no packaging is available. They must be picked up.

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