Demo/Used Gear

Magnepan 3.7I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, as I don’t have the speakers on hand yet, but I’ve taken a pair of walnut/brown Maggies in on trade toward a pair of DeVore Fidelity speakers. I’ll update with pics, condition and price later this month (June).

Auditorium 23 – Hommage a Ken

This gorgeous speaker, which combines the Line Magnetic replica WE755a with a complex cabinet designed by Ken Shindo, (and used by A23 with permission), produces a spectacularly natural, seamless sound. I

I’m sad to say, therefore, that the time has come to part with my demo pair. Since they were hand-delivered to me without any packaging when new, these will have to be picked up here.

Price: Contact me if seriously interested.

All of my demo Aqua DACs are now on SALE, including all original packaging. All are in excellent condition. Photos available on request. They include:
La Voce S2 – Silver faceplate – Originally: $2,995. Demo: $1,797
La Voce S3 – Black faceplate – New: $4,249. Demo: SOLD!
La Scala MkII Optologic – Silver faceplate – New: $ 8,000. Demo: SOLD!Formula xHD Optologic – Black faceplate – New: $17,000. Demo – $9,500.

RETHM MAARGA – Rethm has just updated the Maarga model, so my demo pair have got to go. They come with original packaging and are generally in excellent condition. One foot has come loose due to being shipped with it mounted. I’ve re-mounted it with double-sided tape, per Rethm’s advice. Originally $10,750. Demo: $6,500.