Isabeau Corriveau

I just met the lovely, charming and extremely talented Isabeau Corriveau and purchased a copy of her LP “A Leap of Faith” which she kindly autographed.

I also purchased a number of additional copies which are available for sale at Old Forge Audio.

Wand 14-4 Turntable at a Glance

Here’s a birds-eye/x-ray view of the Wand 14-4 turntable. You can see it, touch it and most important – hear it! – at Old Forge Audio, as well as at Capital Audio Fest November 1-3 in Rockville, MD.

Invaders from Planet SME


The SME 12A, consisting of the new SME Model 12 turntable and 309 with upgraded Crystal cabling, arrived at Old Forge yesterday.

First thought: This is a huge carton for what I expected to be a rather compact turntable.
Second thought: This thing is packed to survive a nuclear incident!
Third thought: Man, it’s compact, alright, but it weighs a ton.
Fourth thought: This is one of the most beautifully finished, easily assembled turntables I’ve ever come across.

Thoughts Six through . . . Wow, that sounded great! What are we gonna play next?

Many more thoughts to follow once I get the arm fully set up . . .


Oh, look! It’s the new family tree! (The mighty Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature lurks below the Garrard 401.)

The Audio Beatnik Drops the Other Shoe

The other shoe has dropped in Part 2 of Jack Robert’s review of Pure Audio’s ONE integrated amplifier.

There are so many comments I’d like to share, but I’ll just quote his ‘Wrapping Things Up’ and suggest you read the full review for the full scoop.

“ “If I had to choose one sentence to describe this amp, it would be, “With the PureAudio One, my system enveloped me in the performance more than I had ever experienced before and by a significant margin.”

The performances were just as evocative whether I was listening to jazz, rock, classical, or solo piano. I particularly enjoyed the way it took me to the venue and that on certain recordings I was able to transcend the sense that I was listening to recorded music.

I could not imagine giving a piece of audio gear a higher recommendation. I would feel the same if it cost $50,000, but luckily it costs only $10,000.”

DeVore O/Reference Event

I spent yesterday afternoon alternately laughing and gasping at the ephemeral fine detail, shockingly life-like, effortless dynamics and walk-through, holographic imaging of the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Reference loudspeaker system.

It was all part of preparation for a DeVore Fidelity ORANGUTAN REFERENCE EVENT coming up on Saturday, September 28 from 5-9pm at Old Forge Audio in Mystic, CT.

If you would like to attend, please let me know. It’s a good-sized, but not infinite, space, and I’d like to get the catering right!

Feeding them with a single digit-powered SET, It’s akin to what happened to Tony Stark when he donned the Iron Man suit, except Tony can’t paint like Rembrandt. The O/Ref can.

As George Takei is wont to say, “Oh myyyyy!”