Rogers LS3/5a Arrive

Veneer pretty enough to eat!

Our Rosewood pair of Rogers Hi-Fi UK 15 ohm Classic LS3/5a arrived yesterday, which means today will be a mix of photography and listening.

Once changes due to break-in abate, I’ll be doing a round robin of amplifiers to determine which provide the most beautiful and most sensible pairing. The two may not be the same, as in the last several years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Falcon version with:

Sugden A21SE – Falcon’s favorite show partner.

Leben CS300XS – currently at home with the Falcons making absolutely beautiful music. There’s a good chance this may be the best bridge between the musically glorious and economically sensible match.

Jadis Orchestra Black – Another lovely tube option whose 6CA7 power tubes provide additional power for those with larger listening rooms or a desire for more rollicking SPL.

Shindo Monbrison & Cortese F2A – For those desiring a ravishingly beautiful sound, never mind the nearly 8x economic mismatch. (Note that the Monbrison includes a gorgeous MM phono stage, which the others do not, requiring outboard assistance)

Pure Audio Uno.2 – This 100 w/ch provided the greatest sense of power lurking behind the grilles and easily the best bass of the group. As Ken Kessler discovered in his HFN review when he risked incinerating his review pair with a Dagastino amplifier . . .

If you find it confusing that I have yet to begin evaluating partners for the Rogers, yet already have opinions, please bear in mind that I’ve had years to lay the groundwork using the Falcons.

Until next time . . .