Sound|Kaos Arrives

Old Forge’s first Sound|Kaos speakers – VOX 3f – will arrive the week of July 8th.

This 3-way, stand-mount, solid wood speaker, shown in oiled/waxed walnut finish measures W 168 x D 240 x H 360 mm.

Frequency response is 35hz-35khz, with 89dB/w/m sensitivity and a nominal 8 ohm impedance.

“How?!”, you ask? It utilizes a front-firing 4″ Tangband bamboo widebander, a pair of 5″ side-firing carbon fiber woofers and a top-mounted Raal ribbon tweeter.

The woofers are low-passed at 200hz, the wideband midrange rolls off naturally at the bottom and hands off to the ribbon via a single capacitor at 7khz. (Raal tweaked the ribbon’s transformer for this application to avoid using resistors to pad down its sensitivity.)

I can’t wait to spend some serious time listening to these at the Forge, and showing them off in Room 5220 at the California Audio Show in Oakland, CA July 26-28.