Opening at the Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT

With restrictions loosened slightly in CT, Old Forge Audio is pleased to announce that it will re-open in its new location in Studio 4D, The Velvet Mill, 22 Bayview Ave, Stonington, CT.

HOURS will continue to be by appointment only. This allows me to rearrange equipment as needed, depending on what you wish to audition, and to warm things up in advance of your arrival. It also means you’ll never have to compete with other customers who happen to arrive at the same time.

NOW, of course, it serves the additional purpose of keeping us as safe as possible, minimizing our exposure to the novel corona virus. In that same vein, EVERYONE who comes in will be required to wear a face covering. (While we can discuss tubes vs solid state, analog vs digital, etc, this point is not open to discussion.) Hand sanitizer will be provided and door handles will be sanitized frequently.