Social Distancing for Fun!

Wouldn’t social distancing and self-isolation be more pleasant with better-sounding hi-fi?

The days would just fly by with a pair of DeVore Fidelity speakers in your system. Orangutan 93 and 96, Gibbon Super 9 await your ears.

Perhaps a Chord Electronics Qutest, Hugo TT2, DAVE OR M-Scaler. Have you seen John Atkinson’s review of the M-Scaler? Hear it for your self!

Is your amplifier holding you back? Vinnie Rossi, Pure Audio, Jadis, Leben, Qualiton, Sugden or Shindo can surely lift your system and your spirits! Have you read Art Dudley’s review of Jadis’ Orchestra Black? I’m happy to say Old Forge was the first on the Eastern seaboard to have it on demo last October!

Components all good? What about cables? An IC, AC, USB, Ethernet, speaker cable or phono cable from Luna Cables will take you higher! We have Gray, Orange, Blue and Red on demo.

Listening sessions are one on one by appointment, door handles sanitized between visitors. For the very cautious, phone consultation and ordering is welcome, (subject to location/brand limitations.)

Cheer up, this is an excuse to have some fun!