The Audio Beatnik Drops the Other Shoe

The other shoe has dropped in Part 2 of Jack Robert’s review of Pure Audio’s ONE integrated amplifier.

There are so many comments I’d like to share, but I’ll just quote his ‘Wrapping Things Up’ and suggest you read the full review for the full scoop.

“ “If I had to choose one sentence to describe this amp, it would be, “With the PureAudio One, my system enveloped me in the performance more than I had ever experienced before and by a significant margin.”

The performances were just as evocative whether I was listening to jazz, rock, classical, or solo piano. I particularly enjoyed the way it took me to the venue and that on certain recordings I was able to transcend the sense that I was listening to recorded music.

I could not imagine giving a piece of audio gear a higher recommendation. I would feel the same if it cost $50,000, but luckily it costs only $10,000.”