December ‘18 Arrivals

Over the next month, three exciting products will arrive at Old Forge Audio:

Innuos ZEN Mk III music server – 11/29

Just as the discontinued ZENith MkII demo flies to its new home, the latest ZEN arrives to partner with the Aqua Acoustic Quality Voce Mk III DAC. To quote Innuos’ web site:

For music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their large music libraries with a dedicated server delivering Hi-Fi quality, the ZEN Mk3 represents new value for money in digital audio performance. The new ZEN Mk3 now has:

· Dual Linear Power Supply – With ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon Capacitors.

· Custom-made motherboard – With improved EMI treatment.

· Asymmetrical isolation feet – Derived from the successful design implementation on the ZENith SE.

(Why not another ZENith, you ask? Because we’ve set our sights on the Statement to partner our La Scala and Formula DACs!)

DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3XL – w/o 12/3

This sleek ape joins the ’17 Stereophile Speaker of the Year Orangutan 96 and its slimmer sibling the 0/93 on the demo floor. If you seek maximum musical impact combined with a minimal footprint, come listen!