Sound|Kaos Arrives

Old Forge’s first Sound|Kaos speakers – VOX 3f – arrived the week of July 8th.

This 3-way, stand-mount, solid wood speaker, shown in oiled/waxed solid walnut. Measures W168 x D 240 x H 360mm. Frequency response is 35hz-35khz with 89dB/w/m sensitivity and a nominal 8 ohm impedance.

“How?!”, you ask? It utilizes a front-firing 4″ Tangband “b”How?!”, you ask? It utilizes a front-firing 4″ Tangband widebander, a pair of 5″ side-firing carbon fiber woofers and a top-mounted Raal ribbon tweeter with a customized transformer to avoid resistors in the crossover. The woofers are low-passed at 200hz, the wideband midrange rolls off naturally at the bottom and hands off to the ribbon via a single capacitor at 7khz.

These have proven to be shockingly good at the Forge and are now en route to Room 5220 at the California Audio Show in Oakland July 26-28.