Which Way Did He Go, George?

The end of my Mystic lease, the growth of Old Forge Marketing and a rethink of my approach to audio retail have combined to prompt a move to smaller quarters, starting April 1st, in the Velvet Mill in Stonington. The new address is 22 Bayview Ave, #4D, Stonington, CT 06???

There will be one listening area, (15’ x 18’ x ‘really tall!’), where many (but not all) old favorites and a couple new brands may be auditioned and purchased. The new retail emphasis will be on fairly simple systems and smaller loudspeakers. More details and pictures will follow once I’ve moved in.

One system and a number of the larger speakers will remain in Mystic as the leases overlap. Some splendid demo items will be available at significant savings. Stay tuned for details!