Audio Note (UK)

They’re back! Or, am I back?

I’m happy to announce that Old Forge Audio is now officially an Audio Note (UK) dealer.

Having spent 14 years working with Peter Q & Co as U.S. distributor, single brand shop proprietor, North American ‘show guy’ and co-founder of AN Music, this is a bit of a homecoming for me.

There are so many things AN does freakishly well. Their DACs, starting with DAC Zero.1x II, are just astonishingly magically musical and organic sounding. Their integrated amplifier line-up has something for everyone. The two I’m dying to order are the Cobra – PP EL34 with C-core OPTs and a built-in DAC for $5,295, and the Meishu TonMeister – an integrated 300B classic that has traded coupling caps for purpose-built interstage transformers, moved to an Ongaku-style power supply and received newly designed OPTs.

While the prototype field coil E is calling the hobbyist in me—rather loudly, I might add—the J and and K, in addition to the E’s on hand and the newly reintroduced AX One and Two are more likely to take up residence in Stonington.

At the moment, I have a limited amount of AN demo gear on hand, consisting of pieces I bought during my previous tenure: M6 Phono pre-amp (pre-Galahad PS), Conqueror 300B stereo power amp, Empress Silver PSE 2A3 mono blocks and a pair of E/SPE HE speakers.

I’ll be adding posts as new gear arrives, so do stay tuned!

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