Jadis Orchestra Black integrated amp

With a Stereophile Class A Recommendation from Art Dudley, there is nothing more we need to say. Well, maybe one more thing: We have the Orchestra Black on demo at Old Forge—come hear it for yourself!

This 6CA7 push-pull integrated amp, which features Jadis’ own custom made transformers, delivers the musical goods like nothing else at it’s price point. This offer will never be repeated.

Save $1,000 off the retail price of $4,995 and get an Orchestra Black for only $3,995. (Valid for orders placed now through June 30, or until distributor’s stock runs out.)

Learn more about the Jadis Orchestra Black

Published by David Cope

After 15 years doing audio shows and marketing for Audio Note, UK, I took a year off, intending to establish a recording studio dedicated to making natural, minimally processed recordings of acoustic instruments playing jazz, folk, blues, bluegrass and classical music. Somewhere along the way I borrowed a pair of Auditorium 755 speakers and a Shindo pre-amp and power amp from Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports. Quick as you can say, "Bob's your uncle!", I had become an audio retailer, using Old Forge Studio as a dual purpose space. It's all very exciting and more than a bit crazy . . .

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